Saturday, August 05, 2006

More Fashion Photographs, fashion portfolios


The earlier ones are here.... and here are some more...... I am thinking why not join the gang of fashion photographers ? Anyone intetesed in making their modelling / fashion portfolio done ?.. start with me free of cost.... free of cost because honestly I have never yet d0ne any portfolios.. and so like you fresh models I am fresher too... so will do them free... u do not lose anything except the time you give and I am sure I will be able to deliver... just need lights, shades, right pose and of course YOU - Beautiful figure and face... REST IS ALL MAGIC !!! Like the photos shot here of the fashion show..

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Other Views of Calcutta or Kolkata, India

Here is the Hooghly River, which is actually Ganges as it flows into from Bihar and UP before that. Here we call it Hooghly.. and the sea is on the left direction.. if you travel down the river towards the right you reach Calcutta Port and then Further down u reach Diamond Harbour and then the sea Bay of Bengal.

The rail tracks below is of the Circular Rail-- never travelled!!--- some people use it to reach places in the city.. The Govt has not really been able to utilise this to the fullest extent.... On the right side is the river Hooghly - the tracks here run near the river bank.... ignore the garbage please... there is garbage in USA too on the railtracks!!!

The Eastern Bypass Park Circus Connector... you get China Town on the right with it dirt and tasty chowmein.. quite good food cheap. They have leather tanneries too -- I do not know whether Govt shifted them finally.. there was talk sometime ago... and of course this road -- backwards leads to the Bypass which is besides the garbage dumping ground - pics here.... and once there was a great smell (of ammonia or sulphur or something!!-- said good for health!!! LOL !!)

The Howrah bridge-- a MARVEL in Engineering by the British. Yes!! it is that OLD!!!.. A cantilever bridge [one which is fixed at one end and the other end rests on rollers- for expansions due to heat]. The fixed end is on the Howrah side and the rollers are on Calcutta Side, which is the right of the photo or behind me.. Yes Howrah means it is another city or town and not calcutta but the major Railway station of calcutta is Howrah Railway Station... which you see below.

The red buildings on the right side are Wharfage houses from the British Times.. now used for storing whole sale goods.. the river is on the right -behind the red buildings.

Writers' Building again from British days now the West Bengal Govt house.. and just imagine?? here you see the backside..

And the great Calcutta Crow !!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Lungs of Calcutta, India,- The "MAIDAN"

The vast open empty grassy area in the middle of Calcutta, now renamed Kolkata, is called the 'Maidan' in local language meaning grounds. It is indeed a vast area of grass and open space where people walk in the morning, play in the day time on holidays, on work days you will find many resting here in the shades and of course where there is Grass there are lovers too and in the night this becomes a bit unsafe naturally given the goons and the corrupt police and the oldest professionals... u know what I mean... so here is the Lungs of Calcutta for you.. quite free from Pollution.. and the River Hooghly or ganges is quite nearby.. which you will see also on my other posts.. on calcutta..

Lambs feeding the gras...

Distant Office buildings towers high on the Chowringhee Road.

And below-- who said Calcutta does not have GOOD ROADS??

A horse grazing outside the Racecourse (photo of racecourse not taken - you can see the fence only]


Trams running through the Maidan... a scenic short travel....

WAR in a CAGE! We all wish war to be caged like this!!!!


CALCUTTA- Queen Victoria Memorial

Remembering Its Colonial Days
Calcutta, the capital of the state of West Bengal in the Eastern Part of India was as everybody knows the seat of East India Company and the British Ruled India from Calcutta now renamed Kolkata. That was because of the Port on the Bay of Bengal and other aspects. I am not the Historian type but let me share some photos taken by me recently. Here are the ones which will remind us of the Queen Victorian Era of Indian History. Here are photos the Victoria Memorial, roads in front of the memorial where the horse carriage is a Tourist Attraction (not for regular carrying). The green fields is the HEART AND LUNGS OF CALCUTTA-- a vst green belt of grass covered land where people play football, cricket, walk for health..... and yes also find love...


A shop designed as a Tramcar. Yes trams used to be pulled by horses!! Ohh noooo nooo I was not born then!!!


Calcuttta's Garbage Dump surrounded by water bodies -the "Bheris" or Fish growing Ponds)

Land MAFIA along with Political Parties are creating land from WATER BODIES!!! They are acquiring waterbodies for progress!!!

Well here are some pictures I took of the garbage disposal land now used for farming. For other pictures you can see this blog on "Fascinating Nature".

Image Map from some of my Photos - Click to visit the linked blogs

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