Monday, May 22, 2006

Indian Govt Splurging Away Tax PAYERS' MONEY

India begs for money at outside forums. We are Developing they say. We have so many poor people. people below pverty levels.. and so they charge us taxes. Not that the Govt of India has ever been able to tax the rich and the business class... Only a small percentage of people who should pay tax pay tax. I forget the figures.. BUT THEN WHAT DO WE HAVE? We have people in GOVT, Bureaucrats, Politicians, Officials who splurge Tax payers' Money on themselves. When cars come at different prices, from Rs 3 lacs t0 4 lacs (1 lac= 1,00,000) for small size cars and 5 lacs to 7 lacs for mid size to big cars.. and from 8 lacs to 12 lacs to luxury cars and then costlier cars in the super luxure segment and SUVs and all. Why should Govt people drive cars like FORD ENDEAVOUR? One that is an SUV and costs around 17 lacs?? Where is our money going? Taxpayer's Money!!! Look at this PICTURE carrying a family of somebody from UP Govt (name plate is UP number.. says in HINDI "BHARAT SARKAR" Indian Govt). There was a red beacon light on the top.. I could not get it.. but pictures talk clearer.. and here is for the world to see how Poor Indian Govt people are living it up!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

STD on Wheels !!! India

Globalisation of Economy- ELF (France) Lubriicants for Indian Toilets


Globalisation of Economy- Use of ELF lubricants on the roadside



Road Side Tyres

A tyre puncture repairs centre sans the air compressor, the instruments..

Horse Cart vying with vehicles

Horse Cart

Tea in Glass (haha, what an unimaginative title!!)

Typical Tea made by mixing ginger (tasty, healthy and good for cold throat.) Half glass of Indian TEA

Another Dhaba in India... cheaper

Tea and roadside eating joint. Cheaper than the earlier one. Hey you can get McDonald's here too. You have choices of eating places on the roads of India. From rich to poor, from car owners to truck drivers.. each one has their own preferences...

There is the kitchen.. metal utensils for coking.. on coal furnaces.. and hey do I see ELF!!!!

Common Indian Truck. [Driver taking tea]

Indian Farmland --- Dry

Auto enhanced through software. It was after 5 pm and though it gets dark only after 7.30 POM light was less so the earlier picture was dark and not so clear. This one has been enhanced to show the difference.

Farmland. Dry this time. Electric high tension cables running across the field, a small transformer at the corner... a relgious flag on the top of the pole...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

On the Road to Karnal, Chandigarh, Punjab

A typical road side 'DHABA' - (A hindi word). It is an eating place. It says Neelkanth Vaishno Punjabi Dhaba. Neelkanth means blue throat. God Shiva is called Blue Throat because when the ocean was churned by the Gods nd Demons ('Asuras') to bring our 'Amrit' or Nectar, poison came up first. God Shiva came and saved them all by drinking in the Poison thgus saving everyone from drowing in it. God SHIVA is the destroyer God, God Vishnu is the protector God (Krishna is an Avataar of Vishnu) and Brahma is Creator God (hey I am divreting myself from photogrpahy to Gods!! Oh God!!!)... Anyway, So shiva took in the Poison and since he was all powerful, nothing happened but only his throat becmae blue with poison. So he is called Neel (blue) Kanth (Throat). Vaishno means religion of Vishnu (followers of Vishnu are called Vaishnabs (ISKCON and all you know). Punjabi ? h the whole world knows them!! They are everywhere!! A very much colourful throbbing and lively and energetic state in India. Amritsar is in punjab where The golden temple is.. So here is where you can eat.. BUT STRICTLY VEG!!!. Vaishno remember??

Same eating place- car parking

Greenery after Dust on the way to Karnal, Chandigarh, Punjab

Suddenly there is greenery on the road leading to .. karnal, chandigarh, Amritsar, and yes..... even you can reach Pakistan via this road...[though I was quite far ..]

Dusty Busy Road on a hot summer afternoon... 43 degrees Celsius

Tried to catch the dust storm occasionally blowing... but when it was in peak there were lots of vehicles, so this is just something... not much.. maybe some other day........

43 degrees Celsius on Indian Road

Enlarge this to see the details. Yes, it is cold drinking water for the travellers (usually nothing happens to people who drink this, because we Indians are immune!!). Of course I will not advocate you to take it unless you are dying of thirst, no harm in being safe than sorry. But the vendor is selling real cold drinking water. And what can be more tempting on such a dusty road?

Dusty Dusty Road to Karnal, Chandigarh, Simla, Amritsar etc. Dust and lost of dust, that is the hallmark of a tough and growing region- North India. Just 40 kms from Delhi. You can see the CNG station. New Delhi is one state in India which has been successful in introducing environment friendly public transport system

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