Thursday, December 29, 2005

Mall Night

Shopping Malls in the night.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Paintings from India

My wife's paintings. One shows the Rajasthani Woman playing in the garden,

Delhi Roads in the Night

I was coming back home. Here are some pictures of Delhi Roads in the night.

And here is Lord Shiva (He is the Destroyer- Brahma being the creator and Vishnu being the Protector of the 3 main Gods in Hinduism) for you or should I say the Hindu Believer in you, if any ? I even saw one man devotedly folding his hands in front of the gate of the park where this huge statue was built.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas !

India is a secular country and we have people of nearly all the religions here. Some of the major groups are Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and the Christians. Believe it or not we Indians enjoy all the religious festivals here.
(Forget the fanatics and the exceptions).

So MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! I will try to post tome photos by tomorrow on this.

26th Dec 2005: Nopes. Too much of a rush at the malls and hotels and everywhere. It is total madness. So could not take any photos for this item.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Mumbai- Slums

Indian Metros do not give that clean appearance some cities abroad give. It is primarily because of the huge population and add to that the usual problems- you name it. And so among everything you will find slums everywhere.

Here I quote some figures from Times of India Mumbai edition 16th Dec'2005- "Maximum City, Maximum Slum".

There are as many as 42.6 million slum dwellers in India, meaning that over 4% of the population lives in dwellings unfit for human living. Mumbai tops the list. 54.1% of Mumbai's population and more than 60% of the city's children live in slums.

Greater Mumbai's 6.5 million slum dwellers far outnumbers those in any other city of India and accounts for 15% of the entire slum population of the country. [Delhi has 1.9 million followed by Kolkata with 1.5 million, Chennai with 0.8 million,, Nagpur with 0.7 million, and hyderabad with 0.6 million.]

However evaluating the slum picture as a proportion of the population of the city gives a totally different picture. Mumbai tops the list here as mentioned above. Faridabad and Meerut follows with 46.5% and 44.1%. Nagpur and Kolkata are the other two cities with over 30% of their population living in slums.
[The first picture is the daytime picture of the same slum in the night (second picture).]

....What does this mean? It is for economists to decide, but a higher portion of total population living in slums means that the cities will not be as clean or presentable as cities where the percentage of people living in slums is less. Hence you will see Mumbai and Kolkata as dirtier & drab and Delhi will look much better. And of course there will be other associated problems too.

But then what is the beauty of Mumbai? The city somehow throbs all 24 hours. And that is the beauty of Mumbai. Here I post some pictures of Bandra, where you will find lot of slums and rubble, and also the backwaters of the sea which is being reclaimed. The difference between daytime and night time is obvious.
The flyovers at Bandra Reclamation approach road.

Monday, December 12, 2005

GOA- Paradise on Earth !!

I love Goa, its people its beauty, its freedom, its openness. The erstwhile Portugese settlement town in Western Part of India has the most wonderful beaches in India. Many foreigner Tourists have made it their second home place and come back every year just to enjoy the idyllic beauty of the sea side and soak up the sun and the warmth and affection that the people and the land has to offer. I am not different from them even if I am an India. Ohh I wish I too could live on those wonderful beaches forever!! I have one photo that I can share for now.

It is of the Vagator Beach. If our friend from Enskede, Stockholm, Sweden, Virve Pittkamaki, whom we met here on this beach (and later at that bar and restaurant & later through letters), ever sees this page, please contact us here by sending a comment here. We have lost touch and would be happy if we can get in touch once again.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Typical Indian Market

I said you will find everything in India from dirt to shine. Here is a typical market in a city which boasts of Multinational investments on the other side of the city while the old city lingers on in its village like dressup. This is how small town market looks like in India. Full of dirt and dust and PEOPLE.. Sooooo manyyy of themm!!!

Gosh !! How I wonder at those European countries which does not even have a speck of dust! We indians cannot imagine land without dust!!! And look at those Round Brown things ? Do not eat them on open roads. Indians can eat as their stomachs are habituated. But try them in some antiseptic environment at some five star hotel. They are called 'Pani Pooris" (pronounced as Pani = HONEY= PONEY. POORI= pooh-ree)
Yumm.. with tamarind water and maybe some more they are tasty. But the real taste for those who eat it outside is from the sweat of the sales man who sells these by hand that dips into the tamarind mix water !! (LOL ))

Anf the other foodstuff is a local sweet. Made from sesame seeds and jaggery or sugar.

And that is an Indian CYCLE RICKSHAW.. You sit on it.. you have to hold on to the seat by nothing at all as you keep falling off the front.. and leave your life at the hands of the dirver who will scoot in front of cars and buses!!.

Queen Padmini of Chittor Rajasthan

History has repeated evidence that men running after Beautiful Women have always wreaked havoc on peaceful societies. From Helen of Troy to our Homegrown Queen Padmini who was the queen of Chittor, Rajasthan. Ala-Ud-Din Khilji heard of her and came visiting. The queen stayed in this building in the middle of the artificial lake, to keep her comfortable through natural water cooling. The room I took the picture from had a window looking at the building in the midst of the lake and a mirror facing the window. Ala-ud-din was made to stand with his back to the window and facing the mirror. The queen came out and he saw her image in the mirror. That itself was sufficient to make him decide that he wanted the queen for herself and so he came back later to attack Chittorgarh (Fort Chiitor). Rest is history.

Here is the photo of the Queen's Home in the lake.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Some Facts About India!!!

As a blogger I think I am bound to tell you the truth or FACTS. So here are some, which I thought should be told based on comments I have received.

India is a vast country. You get everything here, from snow to forests to rivers to seas to hills to desert to temples to mosques to churches. And of course you get dirt and dust and poverty and shopping malls and underground tube railway – [they say better than even London] and slums and mansions. You also get more than 14 official languages (I have lost count.) and more than that if you count the dialects. You also get Hinduism and Christianity and Muslims and Jains and Buddhists and Jews and Zoroastrians and all. You look for snake charmers, you may get that too. You may not get to see the great Indian Rope trick. (if any of you have seen, tell me I want to see it too!!!). In short in one vast country you get the natural beauty of everything that this world can offer. Yeah you get islands too. You get a volcano thrown in too. And you thought the only natural geysers are found in the Yellowstone Park of US of America? No, we have them too. And we have the flora and the fauna too to revel in.

And since we have everything that God can give a land so vast we also have a population. We are at the same time a developing country and at the same time we want to be called a developed country. With the problems of any developing Country come the additional problem of corruption & greed too. So when you will find friendliness on the roads where you walk as tourists, you will also find beggars running after you. Only you can be blamed for that!! Because when you come you think you will do good for them as you are Good Souls and come from rich countries so should take care of the Poor. And you do good to them occasionally. But then when you go away. And what happens then? Since the system does not provide for them, they are still in square one and so the only light for them is the next foreign tourist who will smile at them and spare them the odd 100 Rupees. As for cheats & crooks waiting for you to make a false move and then jump on you to extract that extra buck ? We all find them too. You get cheated more because of your foreign skin. But we Indians get cheated too believe me. So you may feel happy that to cheats there is no racial, sexual, demographical, communal discrimination whatsoever. On that aspect we are a great democratic country!! Cheers to that!!

As they say CAVEAT EMPTOR!! It is true for any facet of life on this world.

Friday, December 09, 2005


The concrete jungle- high rise buildings jostle side by side with slums in a Metro City of India.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Thoughts on this PHOTOBLOG

Hello friends!! I am still making this blog work. I hope you do not stop on this page only or on the "Previous Pages" only but also CLICK on the archives.. as I have observed that somehow the older messages appearing only for the current month and when I have older messages I.E. PHOTOS.. I think you will like to SEE THEM~~~~

And do comment on how I can improve this site and also take better photos if you can.!!

24th January 2010
well the above was posted on 12th August 2005

Life is all about constant change and constant upgradation and perfection. So I am too doing it to my blog today, after a lapse of few months.. Yes  I do feel lazy at times. Anyway.. Friends.. I do aim to make my blog an informative place about India. Not the type where you will get all the facts. No.. there are better people than me who takes pains at providing you all that free. I don't want to take away from them their pains... Pls do visit them... I sometimes link to their sites.. to help you get the information where I feel you need it...

Here what you will find is what I solely create ... and that is a panoramic Image of India through my eyes.. this is something which nobody else can give.. because what I see is through my eyes.. others do not have my eyes.. they have theirs.!! Right? Yeahh Lol!!

You will find my Blog a bit mix of many things.. you will see someone cycling.. you will see the sunset.. you will see a fish market.. you will see upcoming models...a fashion show.. you will see birds.. ..yes.. that is what India is about.. India is a country that has everything.. and is constantly searching its soul... it is yet to find it.. Those among us who say they have found it.. I do not agree with them.. it is a journey yet to finish...

And as you notice.. I am not even in Photography Competition.. these are just plain photos.. showing you what I saw .. that is all.. and I am trying to also provide information on how to reach these places... and for more facts.. yeah some links...

And I also am using this photoblog to share my thoughts.. sometimes...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Fyling over the Clouds in the Sunset

Heyy!! Why not see some clouds which I shot while flying back yesterday from Mumbai? Of course I should probably create another photoblog site where I should post such photos which do not fall under the category "Photos of INDIA".
Want to see more clouds? Visit here for my nature photography (Beware that I have just started so you will get oridinary pictures only for now).

Image Map from some of my Photos - Click to visit the linked blogs

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