Monday, January 30, 2006

Indian Republic Day Parade

India celebrated its 57th Republic Day on 26th January 2006. Here are some photos captured from the TV. So they will not be very clear as TV reception is not as good as a camera picture. I was experimenting and the results are not good. But at least people can have some idea.. though a bit hazily..

Here are the first set. Do you see any similarity in the dresses of people from our Nagaland state and America's Indians?

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Glimpses from Rajasthan, India


These are typical Items of Rajasthan (in order): Palanquin (Four People carry this with the lady inside), Two camel skin coated jars for storing 'Ghee' which is obtaoned from Milk - something like liquid butter - good to build chlorestol and fat), the centre fat pot is for storing pulses- the narrow mouth is to stop rats from going in, the small flat round bowl with cover is to store indian bread before eating, trumpet like thing is the musical instrument, the flat things are called 'Dapli' they are also musical instruments- you beat on them by hand- they are covered by animal skin, camel, boy and girl in Rajasthani dress playing music, a typical village bed made of ropes under a thatched roof shelter, toys, a coal cooking furnace, Famous Rajasthani Dance with so many pots on her head, a boy dresses in traditional Rajasthani Dress, weapons, two potters making items from clay, people eating at Chokidani, a typical village, kerosene lantern. All these are typically Rajasthan. However I took these photos at Chokidani, Jaipur on tonk Road going to Sanganer.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Sunset In Gurgaon

Some examples of Buildings in Gurgaon. The buildings are good. But do not get fooled. It will take a long time to make this a Millenium City as they call it. Because of many problems in this city. Still the skyline looks good. And I thought the sun set has relly lit up the that building!! Looks like a Flare!!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Indian Food & Restaurants -1 (Gurgaon)

'KHAJA CHOWK" (chowk means a road junction iin hindi). It is a restaurant of a different kind in interior decoration. It has attempted to give you a feeling you are sitting on the road side of a busy village road, with all the minature beauty products that are available in a village of India under the table glass, and even an AutoRickshaw for a table (I could not get the whole photo of that as someone was eating and I did not want them to eat me if I shoot them!!). As you can see the chicken is Yummy!! It is called Chicken Burrah (just a tandoori chicken) and the other food is a tangy food called Chaat (but of a different kind made from Spinach and ..(oh ask the Cook!!) and the stick thing is an Indian Ice Cream (I do not know if this is available in countries other than the Indian sub-continent) It is very tasty too Called "Kulfi". but this is on a stick.
This the entry to the Mall where Khaja Chowk is and so the Auto front part for advertisement.

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