Thursday, April 15, 2010

Indian Trinkets

  Brass Lamps. Put Oil and a Cotton Wick and it burns. Used for worshipping. Then there are bells and so on.

The shells are used by Indians to Blow and make a sound during Pujas.

The Brown Balls Necklace is called "Rudraksha Necklace supposedly a sacred necklace of 108 beads to utter the name of God 108 times .. This may not be original. You can do a Wikipedia search on Rudraksha.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

More Coming

I suppose my South India Tours are over as I am moving over to North. But there are plenty photos still to be posted- of South India. Eg
Kovalam, Kerala
Allepey or Allepuzha, Kerala,
Kochi, Kerala
Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu
So on.......
And thereafter
Panchmari, M.P.
India is too Big.... Takes a whole lifetime to see it all!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wild Life Protection

This is the bane of Indian Population! And yet the Western Countries like it because we are their solution to recession. While our wild life dies due to reckless driving by multitudes of vehicles and people!

This was on the Tirumala Road.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Papa Vinasanam

Papa Vinasanam

This is after Tirumala- another place to see for the devotees who visit there.

Actually the word is in Tamil, but this is one of those rare words of Tamil which has some Similarity to Sanskrit and hence easy to understand. Papa= Sin. Vinasanam= Destroy. Basically it means the people believe that if you bathe in the water your sins get washed away. Well call me crazy but this is something like I can commit murder and then come and bathe!! Oops! But believe it or not we humans are crazy. All over the world all cultures have such some beliefs that do not make any sense. But then that is why we are Humans! I guess!!

Akash Ganga Teertha
Another belief that most people have is that any water coming out from nowhere is a sign of God. This water is called Ganges of the Sky- because it is in the Tirumala Hills.. and real Ganges is thousand Kilometers away.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Road to Tirumala

Tirumala is a range of seven hills. From Tirupati bus station every 15 minutes there is a bus that goes to Tirumala, a distance of 22 kms to the top of one of the hills where the Famous Lord Balaji Temple is. The road is very picturesque and here are some photos.

Here they actually check the cars by asking people to come out and even have a luggage scanner.

People actually walk up the hills too- and for them these sheds for walking exist.

Tirupati town from above the hills.

Slide show below and pictures of some places inside Lord Balaji's Temple City at Tirumala are here. Natually we are not allowed to take photos inside the temple.

Image Map from some of my Photos - Click to visit the linked blogs

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