Sunday, September 10, 2006

Mangalore, South India

A few views of Mangalore, a city in Karnataka, a state in South India more famous for its capital of Bangalore, the silicon valley of India. Mangalore is a small sea side city some 7 hours journey by road from Bangalore on the Arabian Sea and some 1 hour journey from Mumbai by air and some 400 kms from Goa. For more photos visit here.

This is the "Village" Family Restaurant at Mangalore- A quaint and serene food place- the interiors designed like a Village Hut complete with Rose Petals for Traditional Indian Welcome.

And here are some Local Houses and how they look... of course they have modern houses too but then who is interested in that?

You see a River and Local Houses and Coconut Trees and The Great Amabassador Car (The oldest Car in India... still running!!!! Gosh !! Can you believe it? )

Monday, September 04, 2006

Dosa, Vada, Sambar, Puri, Sabji

This is for the Non-Indian Visitors to my blog. First is the delicious Dosa of South India. Made from Rice paste, a main food item of the South. I believe it is quite famous abroad too!! The white thing is the coconut chutney or paste quite tasty. And you can see the inside of this DOSA, which is actually a MASALA Dosa. Masala meas Spices but in reality it is only filled with potato+ onion "sabji". I think I should not break my head with the english translations as you can see what it is. The reddish liquid is called Sambar, also visible in the photo of the Vada below.

Here is the coconut paste or "Chutney"

And here are the Vadas or Sambar - VADAS as these are eaten with the Sambar that you see (Liquid - Dal)

This is the same Sabji which you can eat with Puris (below) or inside the Masala Dosa. Made from Potato and Onion and Mustard Seeds, salt, turmeric.

Made from Wheat Flour and water, fried in Oil are called Puris. In Bengal they make these with White Flour and are called "Luchis" and are white.

How is the close-up? Yummy!!

Complete food post is here.

Image Map from some of my Photos - Click to visit the linked blogs

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