Sunday, January 08, 2006

Indian Food & Restaurants -1 (Gurgaon)

'KHAJA CHOWK" (chowk means a road junction iin hindi). It is a restaurant of a different kind in interior decoration. It has attempted to give you a feeling you are sitting on the road side of a busy village road, with all the minature beauty products that are available in a village of India under the table glass, and even an AutoRickshaw for a table (I could not get the whole photo of that as someone was eating and I did not want them to eat me if I shoot them!!). As you can see the chicken is Yummy!! It is called Chicken Burrah (just a tandoori chicken) and the other food is a tangy food called Chaat (but of a different kind made from Spinach and ..(oh ask the Cook!!) and the stick thing is an Indian Ice Cream (I do not know if this is available in countries other than the Indian sub-continent) It is very tasty too Called "Kulfi". but this is on a stick.
This the entry to the Mall where Khaja Chowk is and so the Auto front part for advertisement.


reena said...

I love kulfi!!!!!!!!! In my city we have one indian restaurant (owned by spanish people! they're good!) and one indian market. Once or twice a month my mom use to go and buy a lot of dahl (I don't how to spell it), papad, pickle, species and some sweets as methai for me hahaha

In the south part of the Island we have two or three very expensive and luxurious indian restaurants but I think they're for turists...

I don't mind, I've an excellent indian cooker at home: my mum :D

Have a great Sunday. It's time for me for going to bed!


ShantanuDas said...

Hi Ree, It is called DAL. In english you call it Lentils. It is full of Protein (vegetable ones). Spices not species :-).. Indian food is spicy indeed. Indian Restaurant OWNED BY SPANISH PEOPLE !! LOL !! And today itself I read in France they are going nuts over Indian head massage!! Oooooh I myself like head massage... just thinking of it makes my head go into a tizzy -- it is so addictive. Hey your mom is not a cooker but a cook.. But of course here the english may not be wrong if you have used it as a Pun in humour. You know what a Pun is. (Cooker is something in which you cook. Cook is the act of cooking when verb or the person who cooks when noun.) I am not getting time to take photos for a long time. I will take food photos and post more of them here... byee dear. I did have a good Sunday at home.


kane said...

Talking of burrah, I recently went to a recently opened restaurant in Gurgaon called, Nazaare Pind De" The tandoori mutton burrah and buttered mutton kababs are awesome. The decor is amazing and the lounge areas are very relaxing.

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