Tuesday, May 09, 2006

On the Road to Karnal, Chandigarh, Punjab

A typical road side 'DHABA' - (A hindi word). It is an eating place. It says Neelkanth Vaishno Punjabi Dhaba. Neelkanth means blue throat. God Shiva is called Blue Throat because when the ocean was churned by the Gods nd Demons ('Asuras') to bring our 'Amrit' or Nectar, poison came up first. God Shiva came and saved them all by drinking in the Poison thgus saving everyone from drowing in it. God SHIVA is the destroyer God, God Vishnu is the protector God (Krishna is an Avataar of Vishnu) and Brahma is Creator God (hey I am divreting myself from photogrpahy to Gods!! Oh God!!!)... Anyway, So shiva took in the Poison and since he was all powerful, nothing happened but only his throat becmae blue with poison. So he is called Neel (blue) Kanth (Throat). Vaishno means religion of Vishnu (followers of Vishnu are called Vaishnabs (ISKCON and all you know). Punjabi ? h the whole world knows them!! They are everywhere!! A very much colourful throbbing and lively and energetic state in India. Amritsar is in punjab where The golden temple is.. So here is where you can eat.. BUT STRICTLY VEG!!!. Vaishno remember??

Same eating place- car parking

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