Friday, November 09, 2007

A Typical Tamilian Marriage

India is a vast country with different religions and cultures. Here you will find people followingdifferent cultures. If you do not know what this preceding sentence means then I cannot help you as I am not here to explain.

Here you will find a slide show of a Tamilian Marriage. This is a simple one. A more Lavish one will have more activities but since I have not visited one such I cannot show you the same. But the basic procedures have been followed for a Tamilian Marriage.

However this is different from other marriages in India.. for eg. Punjabi Marriage,. Bengali Marriage, Marathi Marriage, Gujarati Marriage, sikh marriage, muslim marriage, christian marriage.. yes we have it all!!

Compare to Christian Marriages a Hindu marriage has lots of rituals!! And as said above, even in Hindu Marriages, the rituals vary from state to state (state means basic mother tongue is different even though they may be all Hindus). So here you see a Tamilian Hindu Marriage. Here they do a funny thing!! They hold the reception in the evening (and also the blessings ceremony) and the actual marriage on the morning next (at 6/7 am!!!!). I wonder what will happen if the bride or bridegroom thinks they do not want to marry next morning after getting all he gifts!! LOL!!

Oooopss!! Sorry no hard feelings!! That was just a joke!!

On the photos, well.. do not forget that I call myself an Amateur!!

By the way... I wish all that I can wish for the newly wed!!


krishna said...


thanks for your comments and no i havent thought of selling sure about it either. Have you sold yours?

Nice slide do you do it. is it free?

Its Us - SKG / Neetujee / KUSHI / Nandika - 1 or ALL of us! :) said...

Hi Shantanu Sir,
Thanks for your visit to my blog, I also randomly ramble at
Furstly I convey my sincere prayers for your father's soul to rest in peace. Sad to know of the tragic event that lead to him leaving this world.
I am sure soon you will be at our home and we will meet more often. It was nice to meet you and thanks for allowing me to enjoi the sessions.
You wanted to know about TKF - it stands for The Knowledge Foundation, a collection of people of diverse interest to come together and organize events of social and mutual interest. We have done 10 odd events in last 18months. Some of these are -,,,, BarCamp,, Fixing Pot Holes on roads etc. We would love to have you as part of TKF. Will keep you posted on developments.

btw are you free on 26th nov'07 Sunday, we are going for 1 day trip to Mahabalipuram. some 30 odd families from my colony. may be u will have a good change by joining us. Ticket charges are Rs.550/- and include breakfast, lunch and morning/evening let me know so that I can book a seat for u...reach me at 98410-21-512 at any time.

Slides on ur blog post are too good would learn one day how to replicate in my sites...take care and be wel!....

(hope u had a good ride back to chennai :) )

Dr.Sanjiv Kumar said...

Good work

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