Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Looking back

This post is for Sujoy who seems to be liking my stupid photos!! hehe... well.. yes I am back from Mt Abu on 18th... and have got some photos.. though because of rain I could not get good ones.. and mostly it is of Brahmakumaris.... and I still need to edit them... I was back from Mt Abu and then went home and then came back ... while at home I just slept and relaxed. If only "papi pet ka sawal nahin hota"- I would have left my job and just slept off the remainder of my life!! To translate for those who do not know Hindi.. this means If only there was no worrying about our sinful stomach -- sinful because it wants food!! base very base!! hmmm!!
Well... since my new reader Sujoy is after me for some photos...... and since I am not ready yet with the editing.. being busy with this stupid life.... I will rather post something else ... well.. if my earlier message was looking ahead... why not one on looking back?

These are from my past... the eyes which made my heart once flutter and roll and jump and hiccup and blink and .. and .. and.... when it should not have!! ... while respecting her privacy.. I think I can host it here.. ... as an ode to my memories ... do the eyes beckon you too? Do they remind you of the sirens who brought the ships to their disaster?

:-))) These are Indian Eyes by the way from Kolkata .... for the do not think this post is in anyway out of the context of my Blog!!



Reena said...

She's really nice eyes! I love the description you made of them :)

ShantanuDas said...

Hello dear!! They really did draw me irrestibly! haha!!
Some do have that capability eh?? Do you not think so when you see these eyes!!?? Yeah they have!!

Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

The eyes cannot be from anywhere else but Kolkata.

Hope you see in them the same dreams that you saw then.

ShantanuDas said...

lol!. nah. nah haha!.. the eyes are from my past not present..that was not meant to be my present..

The ones I see now or see me in return are better and comes with a body and a mind to make me feel I am living my dreams ..

Creation said...

Beautiful... certainly!!

Dorothy L said...

Well Hello are a rather interesting fellow...They say that they eyes are the doorway to ones souls and that if you look deep enough you can tell a lot about a person..
I believe this to be very true...although one must take the time to do just that...or they will only see the outer self of that person.

Each person is attracted to a different aspect of another.Where some are drawn in by a smile others are drawn in by a smile or an expression. Then there are the body's protrusions that will capture some eyes. As we are all different minded..we are also differently attracted to others.



ShantanuDas said...

Hi Dorothy .. an astute understanding of human nature !!"As we are all different minded..we are also differently attracted to others."

Yes we see the other person through our eyes...and so are differently attracted but that sometimes lead to mistakes too ... because we forget that the person has a different mind.

Not everybody can understand the mind of the person opposite to him or her and so say someone is looking a set of eyes for the deep mysteries within, the holder of those eyes may be thinking the watcher is stalking..

Life... hmm?? :-0))

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