Friday, December 12, 2008

Honda Cars, India

This post is just to test my skills at shooting cars!! Next I will graduate to modelling portfolios... hmm.. ... The above is a conversion of two photos from below..
These cars do have something in them. The Hondas and Toyota prices are a bit on the higher side. But again it can be argued that one should pay for Quality. But a word of caution here. My experience with them is that the Japanese do not believe in communication with customers. Also it is a fad that Honda cars does not have complaints-- either that or their service people are not trained-- otherwise how can brake pads fail in 30,000 kms when same driver can get 80,000 kms on same roads in Santro? And then how can the EPS fail in 30,000 kms too? So do not think that just because it s Japanese the car will be fault proof! It is not so. And I have a theory. I think when they treat India differently than other countries because we do not have a Consumer Movement like Developed Countries have. .
In fact even Toyota seems to have complaints as I did a google search and discovered. However Honda and Toyota does have something in their cars. Grudgingly, I admit that. If you are lucky you will get some wonderful experience when you buy a honda or a Toyota, I believe... So here are some pictures, because I tried my hand in car photos...... not bad I think.. However I am trying to see how I can change the backgrounds to make the cars appear more prominent in adobe.. let's see.

The CRV is fantastic.. and of course price is too.. 22 lacs on road... it has motorised seat movement.. none of those muscle twisting movements!!... The automatic accord- new Honda city too comes with automatic transmission.. 10.5 lacs or so on road... do not ask me for technical specs.. like I do with other objects of my photos.. I leave the writing to other people.. who have already put up lots of details.. in this case you can visit the honda site itself. and since they have not given me commission I will also not say anything in their favour.

Remember one thing in India-- In India it is a  caveat emptor. situation.. it is a sellers' market here and even the Japanese forget their kaizen ad TQM etc when they sell cars here.. You may find to your chagrin.. if you are unlucky. Of course if you ask me what I like.. nothing beats a Ferrari... sighhhhhhhhhh I am dreaming .!! me with a Ferrari? Haha Next life maybe!! LOL !!

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