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Horseley Hills, Andhra Pradesh

There are two routes to go to Horsleyhills:-
1. Via NH-205: via Tirupati or near Tirupati. This is longer.
2. The shorter one is NH-4 route. (Chennai {Poonamallee road} {then NH-4} -Sri Perumbudur-Ranipet-Chittoor-Palamner- {NH-219} Punganur- Madanpalle- Horseley Hills)
You take Poonamallee High Road from CMBT. Go straight till you reach a junction which on the left side goes to Guindy/Porur and the futher on you will find a road going to Poonamallee on the left side and you go straight on to reach Toll Road (NH-4) after 5 kms or so. 17 kms afterwards you can get Krishna Sweets for Breakfast. Further on you also get a Bakery. Seems to be a good one.. Never went inside!! Hyundai is 27.9 kms from CMBT. You will see another Eating Joint in the slideshow. Go straight till Ranipet Toll Gate (this will be the 2nd one, 1st being at Sri Perumbudur which is 36 kms from chennai. After Preumbudur you will see a Road to go to Kanceheepuram on the left- 64 kms from Chennai, from where Krishnagiri is 182,, bangalore is 276 kms Ranipet is 40 kms and Mumbai is 1220 kms ). Then in stead of going straight take a right turn under the flyover (see slide show). Both the straight and the right road goes to Bangalore. The straight road goes via Hosur toll road. The road to right goes to Bangalore via Hoskut (also goes to Tirupati and also to Chitoor which is 52 kms from this rt turn). Take this road and reach Chitoor after Ranipet (This road is not a TOLL road and so is narrow old NH-4). Afteer 7 kms or so driving from the right turn you will find a big junction.. a wide road goes to the left.. do not take that.. it goes to Vellore.. take the straight road which is narrower to Chittor. After some time you will come to a 4 road junction and a signboard. Do not take the left two roads but take the right one to Chittoor. There will be a highway resort and a restaurant here. Do not know how they are but you may try. Then a junction where you take left road towards bangalore/ Chittoor, right road goes to Ponnai. Then you reach Emerald Nagar from where Chittoor is 42 kms. For those who want to come to Vellore Institute of Technology or VIT from Chhenai this seems to be the shortest route as I saw it is 12o kms as per my calculation from Chennai and this road has an offshoot to take u there.
From Chitoor you reach Palamner and here NH-4 and NH-219 meet. Palamner is 192 kms from Koyambedu CMBT. At Palamner Town you will get a crowded junction where he left goes to Gudyattam, do not take this, go a bit straight 100 mtrs and on the right you will get a statue. Just after this statue take a right and travel till Punganuru. On this road you will find some Chicken Farming going on. After Punganuru you reach Madanpalle which is 248.9 kms from Koyambedu CMBT. Here you can take a right turn and take NH-205 to Tirupati. Take left turn towards Burrakayalakota direction. After Madanapalle there will be a junction.. with no signs.. as usual, you will find rocky hills in the distance, barren land and dust... take the left road.. madanapalle to Horseley Hills= 27 kms. It will be very confusing to know which Road is going to Anantapur as lots of junctions will come and no signboards. Then finally you will find a fork, you will have to take the left at this fork, travel a bit and then near a T-junction you will see a signboard of the Resort: Harthik Resort of APTDC (Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation). From this T-junction take left and it is 6 kms hill drive only.

The road on the right at the fork goes to Anantapur. I will talk of this road in my next post because it took me to Belum Caves- which will be my next post.

Usually when you go to a Hill Station, you can see the hills from afar as you drive on the plain road. You can feel a sense of exhilaration and adventure as you approach the mountain road that will finally take you to your destination. But here before the 6 km stretch you see nothing that even seems like a hillock from the NH-219. Even at kodaikanal you could see the hills from far. Here it is not so because the hill is not at all high! Even Yelagiri Hills is higher and I will still rate ooty as the best Hill Station in South. Kodaikanal rates lower. I have not seen Munnar in Kerala yet though. Nor have I seen Aravvalli range near Vizag.
Anyway the 6kms drive to Horseley Hills will not give you any feeling of going up a hill station but rather will make you feel you are going up a barren rocky hill to God Knows where. The hill top cannot be seen but then you can also see the sky above the top so you know it is not high and after all it is just 6 kms! How much can you go up in 6 kms when the road is not at all steep?

But enjoy the rocky view. The rocky hills down below and above you all give you a good view of the place. As you come near to the top then the view changes and you can see Jacarenda Trees on the road. See below.

When you finally reach the top you will find that Horseley hills has only Harthik Resort and nothing else to see like other Hill Stations.
But wait.. do not get disappointed, it is worth staying one short weekend (2nights) with your Girl friend or family. Reach Friday evening, stay the whole day of Sat and Half of Sunday since 1200 noon is check out and then get back to Bangalore or Chennai on Sunday evening.
It is 279kms (not more) from Chennai- takes about 4 hrs. From Bangalore it is nearer. I have seen some people said why go there when it is so far and when Elagiri Hills are nearer to Chennai? Both Elagiri and Horseley Hills have nothing much to see nor are they proper hill stations as they are not high! But well go there for the APTDC resort and the long drive & nothing else.
The resort is not like a 5-star one, nothing there except a Swimming Pool and a small health Club with one or two machines and herbal massage (to pay extra) but the garden and the rooms are ok. You and your girl friend can walk in the garden full of Jacarenda and other flowering Trees. If you are married you all can enjoy the swimming Pool. Enjoy the sunrise over the rocky hils afar. But then I am finding that sunrises are not good due to the Pollution. Somehow the horizon is never clear! Alas!!
Actually since I was travelling alone I would have never gone to this place because it feels very foolish to stay in a resort all alone when everybody has somebody with them. I am sure by this statement you will understand that these type of resorts are just meant to be a place not to see inside or around, the place where such resorts (Elagiri or Horseley) are have nothing to offer but you get a place to go on an outing, and enjoy prime time with your loved ones- which you cannot do back home when you are busy going to office etc. Got me? You will to this Resort to enjoy with family or Girl Friend inside the Resort.
Outside there is nothing except rocky view. Here is a place which is like a Suicide Point. The rocky surface sloped downward ahead of me! Frankly I could not take myself to the edge to see down! I am not MAD! I know if I went I would have been dizzy and fallen off!!
That's it! Rest you can guess from my photos. I used this place as a halting place to visit Belum Caves
The best thing of this place is the food! Damn Cheaper than other resorts. For eg. Passport = Rs 70/- Haig= Rs 50/- per 30 ml. Foster's Beer 110/-. Black Dog 110/- per 30 ml. Baccardi 40/- per 30 ml. 50 60 kl rum. Food menu is here below.

There are various types of rooms starting from Dormitory at Rs 100/- per day to Independent Cottages (see photos) to a building they call Governor's Bungalow where ac rooms are there for Rs 1800/- per day. (My slideshow will have some of the buildings).

The contact:
Central Booking APTDC at Chennai: 31/ 14 Burkit Road 24353373 and 65439987
Horseley Hills: Harthik Resort (some call it Punami Resort) - 08571 279323
Slide Show..


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It seems like an amazing place to take refuge for someone like me :))
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Thanks! I think APTDC then should give me some commission? hehe!!

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A Very Fantastic Photography :D As Usual, A Pleasure to visit ur blog and go around the places....Haa....While, Looking at pictures, I was feeling as though, I was in Horseley Hills :D I really extremely appreciate your interest in Photography :D Continue ur Photography Skills forever & do take all of us to all adorable, beautiful fantastic places :) I really, Wish to visit all these places :) You r a kind of dictionary to the travellers like me, who r really interested to collect the info and visit these places :D I really extremely loved the photo of Baby Squirrel :D He is extremely Sweet & Cute.....I saw Baby Squirrel in Slide Show :D
Put That Baby Squirrel on the Top also :) Its just my suggestion :D Thanks a lot for sharing :D Keep Sharing :) Its My Immense Pleasure to have a look at ur pictures and travel around the world :D

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