Saturday, August 29, 2009

Food for the Gourmet

My Dinner some days!! 9I was 88 kg on 13th July'09 with a height of 5 ft 7 inches [i like to say 7.5 inches!!] so I got a target to reduce 26 kgs! I added 12 kgs in one year at Chennai with the Dosas and Idlis. and so now I am shrinking myself back to my Golden Old days.
Target= - 5kgs Per Month
Achvt 13th July- 13th Aug= - 2.5 kg [50%] Not bad for a compulsive Haldiram Snacks Eater!!
This is what I am eating. Just One half cup (I think 30 gms) of oats with three tsp of milk powder and water in morning; one apple (yeah 35/- per apple wowoeee!! How Costly!) and one 200 ml soya milk for lunch and boiled green vegetables and maybe yellow boiled dal some days-total 100- 250 gms max for dinner. Limit 1400 kcal per day. If I am hungry? Ohh I eat Britannia Digestive Biscuits- fibre.. or Britannia 5-Grain Biscuits.. or these sprouted food that is all.
And oh yeah.. I do try to walk briskly for 3 kms every morning.. (most days I jog for 1 km out of this 3) whenever I can wake up. I stll need some more zeal to do this walking every day!! Ooff!! tough for a guy who sleeps late for so many years to sleep early to wake up to walk!! Toughie!!.

Pending Posts for the information of interested readers of what is in store:-
1. Javadhi Hills, Sathanur Fossil Tree 120,000,000 years old.
2. Sadras Fort, off ECR, Chennai
3. Alamparai Fort, ECR Chennai
4. Some more Jaipur Pictures (earlier too there is a post here) taken on a recent visit.
5. Mumbai, Juhu Chowpatty Beach
6. & Of course the latest- Kerala, God's Own Country- Ernakulam (Cochin or Kochi); Alleppey or Alapuzzha, Kovalam.
anddddd of course single photos for my Thoughts Series..
I am in Madurai this week ..hope to get some more pictures..


Medieval Or Modern said...

so we will see a new you!! yoo hoo!!

ShantanuDas said...

You will ! you will!! March next year you may not even see me!! I may vanish!!

Nivedita said...

amazing...i'm someone who lives to art n' eat :))
can nly dream of following a diet like this :))

all the best to you :)


ShantanuDas said...

Oops!! I was and am still like you... so it is really a pain..but i have to reduce myself... fighting a tough war... losing 26 kgs from 88 !!


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