Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tamil Religious Procession

Tamilnadu is a state which revels in Worshipping God. Religion was invented by wise men of the past who knew that human beings needed some direction and a common force that will bind them to discipline and keep society intact. So they invented religion. But of course the trouble started in another way.. we discovered too many religions.. and so we now fight each other on basis of religion too.

Anyway, coming back to my point. Tamilnadu is one state in India which has the maximum number of temples and people here are mostly God fearing and always going to temples. Much more that is...

Here is a Procession... and as expected of Tamilnadu.. it is abundant in colours... and flowers! A good photography subject. I saw this on my way back from Bangalore.. and stopped my car to shoot from the car itself..


Reena said...

Hello! how did you get those colours in the photos? are you using any type of filter or just Photoshop? :)

(And what do they say in green letters?)

ShantanuDas said...

ahh!! you are really a regular visitor to my blog ehh!?? gr8!.. well the colours were there in their dresses..I just increased them with Vibrancy/ Saturation control in Adobe. You can do it through Hue/ Saturation tooo.I am yet to master adobe and understand the differences between the tools in adobe. A true photographer perhaps should not edit in adobe ..but then sometimes I think we can in order to highlight something that has not come out well in the actual photo because of ambient light.. like here...which affects the exposure.

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