Thursday, February 25, 2010

Silent Valley- Kerala

Sairandhri Vanam, meaning the forest in the valley, as referred to in the Mahabharatha and the River Kunthi give a mythological dimension to the National Park. The Silent Valley is seldom silent but it has an inexplicably unique character about it, what with the dense forest, the music of the birds and its quitet majesty.With an area of close to 90 sq.kms, the park is situated in the north-eastern corner of the Palakkad district. It rises abruptly to the Nilgiri plateau in the north ......

It is a rain forest of wordly fame. You can read more of this on the links given below separately or as hyperlinks to the words/ sentences.

How to reach Silent Valley?
You can reach from Coimbatore or Palakkad District in Kerala of Kochi in Kerala by road.

Where to Stay at Silent Valley?
There are not many good places to stay here. I did not notice any except the Forest Deptt rest houses - two numbers only near the park. There may be a few resorts hidden away in the hills.  But after lots of research I found the one I stayed at Malleeshwaram lodge. It is in the Attapadi hills before Silent Valley.  This is the best if you want a taste of nature. Read about it here. Just be prepared to stay in huts with no electricity. You will constantly hear the singing and chirping of birds and may be lucky enough to see hornbills. I was not!!!! I missed!! Does not matter if Silent Valley is actually 45 mts away because there is no place to stay near Silent Valley exactly except for the rest houses of Forest Deptt.

The Govt Site is here

The Wildlife Warden, Silent Valley National Park, Mannarghat. P.O. Palakkad – 678 058
Phone: 04924 222056/ 04924 253225 / Email:

Here are some pictures of the Valley. For pictures of the Lodge where I stayed please wait for next post here.


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monsoon-dreams said...

lucky you!i always wanted to visit this place.couldnt ,thought i live in kerala.shantanu,ur blog takes a long time to open,sometimes get stuck.why is it so?

ShantanuDas said...

Something wrong with your PC, or connection or Browserr. I cannot imagine why when my 600 kbps line gets me the blog quite fast you sitting in USA cannot!! So USA is getting behind India or what? LOL!! Pls chk your browser for all latest addons for better performance. Or better still upgrade the browser, if not. If everything is ok. then I cannot say really!!

Sankara Subramanian C said...

Awesome pictures! Especially of Kuntipuzha from the watch tower.

Makes me wanna go there again.

ShantanuDas said...

Hi thanks! And now I know the name of the valley- Kuntipuzha!! I see you too have a website. Does it pay better somehow to have one's own website instead of a blog? I ask if you can tell me..

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