Saturday, April 01, 2006

Shanti Path, Chanyakyapuri, New Delhi

"Shanti" means Peace in Hindi. "Path" means Road or Path in Hindi again.
This road is lined on both sides by Embassies in India, New Delhi


Anonymous said...

Some photos are very nice! Most of the world including intellectual Indians (to get global appreciation) is busy showing only slums and cows in India. You at least have tried to show some different aspects of India. Please keep it that way.


ShantanuDas said...

Thanks. Since I am an amateur (hope I hv spelled it correctly) most photos will not be that good. But I am proud of my desert photo (the dunes of Jaisalmer posted in Nov 2006), Manali- autumn leaves and the Goa Vagator Beach...Oh sure I do plan to post photos of all sorts... not aiming for the fame (like those intellectuals!!) :-)

reena said...

Looks quite :)

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