Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Chennai from the Skies! Okay!!

The man behind the camera is what matters when shooting photos, they say. If that is so then the man (or woman) needs to be inspired when he sees something. Every city has its bad sides, so cannot blame Chennai alone. But so far I have not been able to catch Chennai's good spots- some that I tried, like Madras University which has a British Structure is not easy to shoot because of the trees hiding it. The Marina beach which is a good spot does not look good in a photo because of too much glare whenever I went.. as this place should be shot in early hours I think.....so the only photos that I liked are from above..

Frankly Speaking. My regrets to all Chennai Lovers, I cannot bring myself to be Diplomatic enough to say Chennai os good! Sorry, Sirs and Madams. If you do not like my saying this, please don't blame me, blame you Govt, or whoever else is responsible for the squalor and the traffic jams and the debris lying on the roadsides, absence of footpaths, slow construction work creating further confusion ! Certainly I do not see Chennai as a photogenic face... unless some can point me to some areas which I am sure I am yet to visit...

Till that time I think Chennai looks good from far only!!

But I am also linking a blog which will give you better ideas about Chennai since it is from someone living at Chennai. I am also following this blog now to see if it can inspire me to shoot some good photographs about Chennai. As you know unless you are inspired real photography cannot happen. Hopefull this blog will change me. It does carry lots of good information about chennai and gives a different perspective.


Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

The second and tenth are really nice, in-focus and in the right areas of the frames.

But I would advise you to travel incognito next time you go to Chennai> They do not tolerate negative comments on their city. I had to spend about 10 hours in Chennai(2006) waiting for my flight.
Suffice to say that I dont intend to visit again. And with the Hyderabadi biriyani that I had in Chennai which lead to a severe case of food poisoning, I dont intend to have Hyderabadi biriyani either.

PS: Was awesomely busy for sometime. Hence the delay. Hope you are fine.

ShantanuDas said...

You are right!!!! lol!! They say Kolkata is worse!!.. So there they are even!

But I am sure you did not say that just because you waited 10 hrs.. that is not chennai's fault...

And Hyderabadi biryani from Hyderabad is really good.. try it at there if you go.. .. really good..

At chennai you can try Chettinad food.. hot and spicy..

But actually Chennai reall does not inspire me.. enough to take photos... Kolkata does, Delhi does, Mumbai does, smaller cities do better. There are some good buildings like the Madras university and the Station. (relics of the British past) but cannot get a proper perspective due to trees, etc..

Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

Yup Chettinad...isnt that a Shetty thing.

Speaking about Kolkata and Chennai... There was this chain mail making the rounds in the Indian IT companies, where a totally frustrated Bong recounts his ordeal of surviving in Chennai.

Bangalore streets said...

awesome. especially the ones that have the sea and the city in them.

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