Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Here are a few photos of Jaipur City. Since I went for work there I could only take photos wherever I went. I had visited this place as a tourist when I did not have a digital camera and so all my old photos still need to be scanned (dont think it will ever happen-- or maybe after I retire !!)

The Road to Jaiour from Delhi

The gate to Pink City -Hawa Mahal (the palace ) and the market. They are trying to maintain the colours. The Hawa Mahal (Hall of Windis- the umpteen windows were for the several queens to look out from their chambers and the design is such that during the heat of Summer in Rajasthan air circulation was maintained and hence the name.)

The busy market place during off period. This market was the bomb blast target recently.

The last one is a National Library I think, if I am remembering correctly. Or maybe the University.

I need not tell anyone about Jaipur. Foreign tourists know more of this than me!! LOL! They can be seen here in plenty. I have heard that some women fall prey to local love and marry locals - some of them just guides [who in Indian society are from the lower strata in terms of economic and educational status) (half of these women do not know probably that the locals marry to go abroad and of course the fascination Indians have for white skin (Alas!).


jodapoet said...

The palace shows some beautiful architecture. And, I love the market. I enjoy traveling through photos. Thanks for sharing.

ShantanuDas said...

Thanks for the comments. I am trying to make my blog better. Don't know why recen comments widget does not wor though!!

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