Friday, October 03, 2008

My First Wild Life Photo - Indian Birds

Well well.. finally got myself a Telephoto Lens.. 70-300 mm. Sigma.. Canon is too costly.. of course I would have liked a 500 mm..but tht is costlier than the camera!!

And I also caught my first bird!! It literally knocked at my door..or window pane at Elagiri Hills... ZeenatTaj resorts (nothing to do with Taj) [On Elagiri I will write later]...
And then I caught my 2nd too!

The first one below (the black one on the tree) is a SWIFT

This one was bathing in water-- hence the droplets! It is called the Red Whiskered Bulbul

And some fruits- Guava.


Reena said...

They're great! did you use a tripod? I was going to buy this lenses but finally I opted for a 55-200 of Sigma. The first one was too heavy for me and sometimes I've problems shooting at 200mm!

Anyway, good pictures! it's like being there!

ShantanuDas said...

Hiiiiii... how are you?
No I did not use a tripod... by hand only.. this is not so heavy.. jut 552 gms.. or half kg... I wanted to buy a 70-500 or 170-500 but they were 4 times the cost of this one since they all had Image Stabiliser (IS or OS optical stabiliser as they call it) ... so I settled for this.

Shooting through telephoto lens seems to need some adjustments in exposure... when you are shooting a distant subject in broad day light..[not this one which was at 5 pm)... some photos I compared with my 18-55 canon lens and I found that this Sigma lens still finding out the reasons.. [of course quality wise canon lenses are wayyyyyyyyyyyy better... only the costs are prohibitive sply since I will not shoot wild life regularly.]

Reena said...

The Sigma 50-300 I was going to buy also have IS. I know that, if you're shooting at 200mm the shutter speed should be at least 1/200 to get a clear image. With good light conditions I can shot with slower speeds but I recently bought a tripod so have to experiment with it :D

My 55-200 also overexposes :( The 18-55 of Canon is really good's Canon!

BTW, which camera do you have? mine is EOS400D, bought in March and I've taken almost 4000 pictures with it by now!

ShantanuDas said...

haha!!! yeah.. u r right...but i have shot at less than 1/200 too and the photos came out ok... i hv deleted the raw photos.. so cannot now tell you which were less than 1/200 [i rbr one being 1/160] now. but this one was above 1/250 or equal.. Yeah!!

I found a way out for the overexposure... shoot in raw mode and then adjust the overexposure wgile converting to jpeg..and then in jpeg editing adjust again.

Anyway i hv asked other experts who use sigma lens... let me see what they say.. i will tell you too.

Mine is 350D earlier version (dont forget i am earlier version too ! lol !!) But you are my only permanent reader!! I luv you!!!

Reena said...

Good morning (here)!

I only shot in JPG at the moment and the speed can be checked in the software than comes with the camera, with the rest of the parameters.

For the overexposure...I reduce half or one point before taking the picture...but once is done I can't do anything (have to start experiment with RAW...hmmmm).

Enjoy the weekend!!

ShantanuDas said...

Yes try RAW.. canon gives you the editor and you can adjust the settings of the photo... then save as Jpeg.

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