Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kodaikanal Hills

Here are the Kodaikanal Hills Photos.... How I reached here is told here.

When at Kodaikanal or Ooty you should always go to the shops and buy the products, which are not only somewhat cheaper but also pure and Fresh. The list of products available at Kodaikanal is here and a shop name also.

Lake photos are here. And the next post is of Coaker's Walk.


monsoon-dreams said...

wow!beautiful snaps.kodai is my favourite place,shantanu.u seem to be travelling a lot these days.i'm going thru the toughest time in my life.once i am relieved,i'm gonna travel a inform me if u ever visit trivandrum.

ShantanuDas said...

Hi.. Yes I will... I have been travelling.. in fact I was driving all across Tamilnadu...! I went near Trivandrum too.. 80 kms from the place.. Kannyakumari.. but since I did not get a hotel booking at the year end I landed up at Kodai! :-)

ShantanuDas said...

In fact... i am not actually travelling every day.. I have just scheduled the photos to be uploaded every now and then till next two months.. since I have gone around to many places in Dec and Jan and so do keep coming for more.. But I really envy your photos!!!!

monsoon-dreams said...

my snaps are all fluke snaps.i just happen to be there.i almost always carry my camera and i travel alone.

ShantanuDas said...

Hmm I see! But you do have it in you!! Photography I mean!! I wish I can get over my shyness of carrying a camera all the time and taking it out shoot at any time..!! but I know that is the best way to get some real good ones! But you have something more.. you have that proverbial eye!!

Are you a professional photographer or journalist or in media/ advt something like that?

Maybe I will then visit Trivandrum soon! :-)) bfr you go back!

ShantanuDas said...

I hate people who want to get free service when they themselves are in business. Someone just posted his travel agency details on my site! I say hey! What about paying me money for your advt? ehh!! I hv deleted ur post.. though you wil not get this message as u were anonymous!

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