Tuesday, October 13, 2009

FOSSIL Tree at SATHANUR (Ariyalur, Perambalur) Tamilnadu

Javadhi Hills, Sathanur in perambalur dt fossil tree.
Sathanur is just before Trichy (Tiruchirapalli). There is this flyover which if you do not take and rather take the left road below it, the left turn takes you to Ariyalur. Please do not take this but rather cross the flyover (The Signboard in my pictures where you see VILLUPURAM 109 kms, Ariyalur 32 kms and Perambalur) is actually shot when I was returning with Trihcy direction behind me, so imagine you are on the other side of this flyover now and coming towards Trichy. So cross the flyover leaving the Ariyalur Road on the left and just after a few kms you will find this yellow signboard is in my picture. The place where you turn left should have the signboard leading to KALPADI Village. Or ASK.
Then afterwards it is just a winding road.. you ask the locals. IMAGINE!! A FOSSIL TREE!!! 120,000,000 years old!!

It is believed that the Bay of Bengal had inundated over 350 square miles ofland on the Padalur-Ariyalur region of Perambalur district over 100 millionsyears ago, where the giant dinosaurs sauntered majestically over 200 millionyears ago. This is one of the three sites on earth where the rare phenomenonof sea-ingression and regression had taken place. Billions of sea creatureslike clams, oysters, molluscs, corals, which perished during the withdrawalof the sea resulted in the compression and formation of some of the finestdeposits of limestone in the country. Some have seen recently the fossil ofthe dinosaur egg, weighing about seven kg and measuring 20cms in diameter nthe Kallankurichi mines of the Tamil Nadu cement factory near Ariyalur. Recently more Dinosaur egss have been found at this place and maybe I will go and shoot some and who knows I may also have an omelette!!!

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genial said...

wowww ... new look!!! howdy!?!?!?sorry for not being around here for long time..

there's no prob with http://6raphic.blogspot.com/2009/10/electric-texture-for-your-image.html#comments
I have no idea why you can not access it..

about crack CS4, please you can check on http://softarchives.net

lotta great things there!!! happy hunting :)

Anonymous said...

nicely captured shots.....but Shantanu missing your Diwali pics :(.....Wishing you a very Happy Diwali!

divsi said...

wow..thanx for the info bout the location too...it wa san interestin read...[ archaelogy was once one of my career options u kno:p]

kip clicking!! u got a new address...new pinch:D

ShantanuDas said...

Oucch!!! Thanks Divsi!!...
And Kalyan.. true.. no diwali pics this time!!

thangam said...

Inspired by your article on the fossilized tree I took my family members (in all 16 of us)visited the place and spend a couple of hours..a moment to cherish...I owe a lot to you...P.K.thangarajan.chennai

ShantanuDas said...

Thanks Mr Thangam. I am glad that my post has helped someone go there.

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