Friday, October 23, 2009

Life is a Shit Hole

Sometimes Life is a Shit Hole!!

So go shit to get relief!!



Devika said...

Very nice idea for an upcoming photographer! :)

I liked Innocence of childhood and Carefreeness of Youth so much! :)

came here from Monsoon Dreams :)

will come again to see how you go about life, young friend :)

ShantanuDas said...

Hi Devika.. thanks!! but no no.. you got my age wrong.. because of my photo i think.. :-0)

Actually I am older than you and so can be your old friend hmm? but yes upcoming photographer you can say.. lots to learn yet! Monsoon dreams is a better one than me!!

Pls keep coming again.. and commenting

Devika said...

You older than me...oh sorry! :)
..not by the photo :), but well i thought you could be in your twenties..the frustrated young man :)

"lots to learn" -- i think it depends on can well end the life at 20 and say i have learned enough...hell/heaven --Enough is enough!

But then life moves on....despite all the temporary annoyances, we find happiness at the end of the day....And we all came to live it, not escape it, i guess....learning is not the outcome -- its the progress,

well i didn't mean such a talk just flowed....excuse me, for that

will definitely come again :)


genial said...

haahahha... your words on that image, that's funny Sir... sorry for not being here so long... been busy out there :(

ShantanuDas said...

Hey!! Genial!! The whole life is funny!! so shithole is also funny ehhh? haha!!

Devika.. I liked your long discussion.. I am one who does long discussions too fact if you find time.. you will see there are links to my older blogs where I used to write once... then stopped because I found no point in discussing.. got tired.. ..anyway my mind is always busy even without discussing here online..

How righ you are.. it is all about perspective.. What I said is actually what a youngster says..not a man my age from india at least.. if I was an American the slang would be perfectly normal for an old man right? But then it is only because I am like a sponge.. I keep absorbing life as I progress..from anybody and anything that I come in contact with...

I even learn from you in your two comments.. and so yess! we all do have 'lots to learn' but it all depends on the individual perspective what we feel we ought to learn.. i mean someone may say why should i WANT to learn to say "life is a shit hole" well.. maybe not.. but then at my age even do I not sometimes feel life is something probably which should not have begun at all? Haha!! Not that I want to end it.. on the contrary I am still looking for better ways to do what I am meant to life

Live.. that is... :-) and blogging and coming in contact with people is one of those many ways that I adopt..

Btw I went to your blogs.. some I think are not meant for comments.. i will have to check all of them.. and I will...
byee for now.

rauf said...

Hi Shantanu, oh that's a clean shit hole, i really don't mind living there in it. Lot better than many who lead a miserable life of their own making. Life is a gift, it is beautiful, we humans have made it a shit hole. Life is simple, we have made it complicated. But the irony is, no one wants to leave that shit hole. We desperately cling on to life. Even the Pope lives gasping for breath and he doesn't want to go to heaven and meet God.
Why don't you stop taking medicines, die and go the heaven ? Aren't you in a hurry to meet God ? i asked a priest once.
He said its God's will that he has diabetes.
That means God wants you up there. Why don't you die today ? Diabetes may be God's will but taking medicines is your will.
Believe me Shantanu, nobody wants to leave that shit hole

ShantanuDas said...

Hi Sir!! You are absolutely right!! we love to live in this shit hole... haha! your writing is funny as usual... I wish I could see the poor priest's face when you asked him that!! haha!! Gosh!!

I guess we are afraid of pain? I wonder about myself.. I do have this death wish.. I want to die sometimes.. and so visualise myself at an older age.. and wanting to die at that age.. all that will hold me back is probably the fear of pain while dying.. I mean.. if I jump from a roof.. will my bones break and give me pain? if I jump in front of a bus will my head get smashed into smithereens and give me pain?

Or even if I take poison. will I get stomach cramps and struggle before I die?

Ouch! that is what I am afraid of.. not death but dying!!

unplanned plan said...

ha ha haaa...nice saying...satyiiiiiiiiiiiii ekta bishal sunyoy vora puro jiboner sab theke sukher anuvuti...asole jagat sunyomay.....

L said...

I came to your blog after a long time. You seem to have travelled a lot in the meantime--good for you. You will have covered the whole country in a couple of years.Good pictures...specially Sadras fort and beach which I've seen almost 40 years ago.

L said...

Also, all of us of course fear the pain associated with death, but most of us are also fearful of the idea "I am not"...there is no I am.

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