Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Volvo India International Regatta, Chennai

Yachting or Sailing.

I could manage to see the Volvo International Regatta at Chennai, that was held from 1st Nov to8th Nov'2009 on the Bay Of Bengal. And that too I could see from close up by going to the mid-sea in a luxury motor Launch!!  This is as you can see a sailing boat race. Windpower is essential. No motor Power.

Only two classes were in the competion. The boats that you see sailing are in the OPTIMIST Class- small boats or Dinghy (singular Term) as they are called. The 29er is also a Dinghy Class but are called Skiffs and are aimed at the Youth. They are bigger than the Optimist Class Boats. [The bigger Sail boats are called Yachts].

The Optimist Class Boats are raced by children in 10-15 years age group !! Just think !!! THINK!!

And the other boats which you see parked -Red Sails- in one of the photos are the 29er Class. These boats are where you see the sailor holding on to the sail and leaning out of the boat to lend his weight to steer the boat. Unfortunately I could not see that!! They are bigger boats and faster. I was late because of my group of people who were not very interested in actually seeing the Race it seems but something else..!! Anyway.. my bad luck.. still what I saw and experienced was Fantastic..

And the sea was soooooo choppy!! Our Launch literally rose and fell !! And 4 of my group members  started vimitting too at the end! All the Sambar and Rice came out on the lovely small porcelain basin on the deck!  Luckily I was made of steady material and am eating less nowadays also!! I could not even stand still on the Launch to take photos.. I was not having my own camera  -- had a SOny.. with video options too.. luckily and I took some video clips also..and by mistake to make space deleted some good video clips too!! Stupid me!!... 

Some Links --
Science of Sailing
Optimist Class
29er Class

The 29er class boats on the Shore- you can see them..

The Girl who won.

This is our Motor Launch. Look at the Luxury!! Hmm?


unplanned plan said...

just superb...bahudin pore ese valo laglo

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Lunatic said...

Nice snaps....the motorboat sure looks plush....:-)

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