Monday, November 28, 2005


Here are some examples of Art Work at Taj Mahal (or was it AGRA FORT) walls and ceilings. Just look at that!!!


Maya's Mom said...

Beautiful! It's truly an incredible building and complex.

I have some good AND bad memories of visiting the Taj Mahal in 1995 with my husband (native of India)--we were with a tour group, and the leader told us it was okay to take pictures inside, despite a sign saying NO pictures inside, everyone else was also taking pictures--so my husband took a single picture and several security guards descended upon him, demanding our camera, threatening him in Hindi (of course I didn't understand anything, they were all yelling loudly at each other)--I kept shouting, "I'm an American citizen!" while my husband was being dragged off--he told them the tour guide said it was okay to take pictures, and of course, said tour guide, our best friend just ten minutes prior, immediately disavowed ANY knowledge of us, and took off!! Finally my husband resorted to bribery (cost us about $10 American dollars) and the guards left us alone. Very scary to me! Although my husband had a good laugh.

ShantanuDas said...

Hi, I know what you said. Believe me it happens to us Indian Tourists also. Unfortunately foreigners are affected more because of language problem (the guards will talk in hindi and other languages to create a fear element in you deliberately], ignorance of laws (you will be made to think you have done a GREAT CRIME], and the greed for DOLLARS!! Good that you have been open here on my page. I should say I am ashamed (like normal people say) but I will not because why should I be ashamed for actions of people of my country who do not know how to treat guests and all other people? It is wrong. It is very wrong. But unfortunate.

Best is to obey rules. So next time if you see signs obey them ONLY BECAUSE YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT THEY ARE WAITING JUST FOR THE CHANCE YOU ARE GOING TO GIVE THEM. And if you want to bribe HAGGLE ON THAT TOO!! INDIANS LOVE HAGGLING. even when being bribed.. You can also get away with INR 100/- eqvt of USD.

But now I cannot remember having seen any such sign. How did I take photos? Or maybe they did not catch me being an Indian!!! Very BAD!! You ARE RIGHT EVERYBODY TAKES PHOTO OF THE TAJ!! I will have to check again..

At some places in Rajasthan they pay a fees of INR 50 if you want to take in your camera inside. That is legal and taken by Govt. Tjhough I resent that even. As for us a INR 50 is too much for every palace we visit in Rajasthan!!

Next time you visit India and need some local help from one you can trust contact me. IF I am free and have time and scope I will help in small ways (as I am not a tour operator nor am a representative of Govt, I have my own work where I work). Bye

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