Sunday, December 11, 2005

Queen Padmini of Chittor Rajasthan

History has repeated evidence that men running after Beautiful Women have always wreaked havoc on peaceful societies. From Helen of Troy to our Homegrown Queen Padmini who was the queen of Chittor, Rajasthan. Ala-Ud-Din Khilji heard of her and came visiting. The queen stayed in this building in the middle of the artificial lake, to keep her comfortable through natural water cooling. The room I took the picture from had a window looking at the building in the midst of the lake and a mirror facing the window. Ala-ud-din was made to stand with his back to the window and facing the mirror. The queen came out and he saw her image in the mirror. That itself was sufficient to make him decide that he wanted the queen for herself and so he came back later to attack Chittorgarh (Fort Chiitor). Rest is history.

Here is the photo of the Queen's Home in the lake.

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