Saturday, December 10, 2005

Some Facts About India!!!

As a blogger I think I am bound to tell you the truth or FACTS. So here are some, which I thought should be told based on comments I have received.

India is a vast country. You get everything here, from snow to forests to rivers to seas to hills to desert to temples to mosques to churches. And of course you get dirt and dust and poverty and shopping malls and underground tube railway – [they say better than even London] and slums and mansions. You also get more than 14 official languages (I have lost count.) and more than that if you count the dialects. You also get Hinduism and Christianity and Muslims and Jains and Buddhists and Jews and Zoroastrians and all. You look for snake charmers, you may get that too. You may not get to see the great Indian Rope trick. (if any of you have seen, tell me I want to see it too!!!). In short in one vast country you get the natural beauty of everything that this world can offer. Yeah you get islands too. You get a volcano thrown in too. And you thought the only natural geysers are found in the Yellowstone Park of US of America? No, we have them too. And we have the flora and the fauna too to revel in.

And since we have everything that God can give a land so vast we also have a population. We are at the same time a developing country and at the same time we want to be called a developed country. With the problems of any developing Country come the additional problem of corruption & greed too. So when you will find friendliness on the roads where you walk as tourists, you will also find beggars running after you. Only you can be blamed for that!! Because when you come you think you will do good for them as you are Good Souls and come from rich countries so should take care of the Poor. And you do good to them occasionally. But then when you go away. And what happens then? Since the system does not provide for them, they are still in square one and so the only light for them is the next foreign tourist who will smile at them and spare them the odd 100 Rupees. As for cheats & crooks waiting for you to make a false move and then jump on you to extract that extra buck ? We all find them too. You get cheated more because of your foreign skin. But we Indians get cheated too believe me. So you may feel happy that to cheats there is no racial, sexual, demographical, communal discrimination whatsoever. On that aspect we are a great democratic country!! Cheers to that!!

As they say CAVEAT EMPTOR!! It is true for any facet of life on this world.

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