Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sikkim, India

Sikkim is another beautiful state of India in the Himalayas. There are many places that one can visit. Foreigners need some pass to visit certain areas but not the capital, Gangtok. Here I have some photos of West Sikkim, Gangtok, Rangpo. As i said earlier many of my photos are not in a condition to be scanned. You can know more of Sikkim here.
The places that you can see are Xangu Lake (spelt wronglt by me, I am sure) near China Border, which is frozen, North Sikkim where you see Rhododendron Flowers in a valley, West Sikkim.

Khecheopalri Lake is the lake you see here in the picture, is a place of worship for Sikkimese people. This lake is never dirty and not a single leaf floats on the calm and tranquil water, in spite of its being surrounded by so many trees. They say if a leafd falls immediately a bord will fly in and pick it up. I did not see it happen but I DID NOT SEE ANY LEAVES EITHER!!
Ohh Sikkim is so beautiful and so are the people. You will love to drive on the hilly roads with the Teesta flowing beside you for some time as you travel from West Bengal to Sikkim and thereafter you are near the Gods in the sky over the clouds.
Here you can also see Gantok, the Capital of Sikkim and its secretariat (State Assembly)
On the way to Sikkim, Gangtok from West Bengal. We have to cross Rangpo which is the first town in Sikkim. There is a very good Tourist Lodge at Rangpo. I have stayed there many nights and days when I used to go for work in Sikkim. (Heyy!! I now remember I have gone to Bhutan too.. but where are those photos!!!!!!...............???)
This is RANGPO view from the tourist Lodge and the River is Teesta. After Rangpo you cannot see TEESTA any more as you go higher.
The Secretariat, Gangtok. Heyy!! You better have those MOMOS!! when you are Gantok, Bamboo Hut or some place I FORGET THE name of the eating joint.
This is that LAKE in West Sikkim. You do not have to cross Ranpo but turn left towards West Sikkim Much Earlier. If you are coming here better got to Kalimpong too which is on the way in WesT BENGAL and also visit Darjeeling and see the TEA GARDENS At the top of the world!! AND TASTE SOME TEA!!


reena said...

Woooooo, it's so beautiful! I would like to go to India for learning a little of shindi but it's a very expensive trip :(

I glad that you liked my blog ;)

ShantanuDas said...

Well India is a vast country. You get everything here, from snow to forests to rivers to seas to hills to desert to temples to mosques to churches. And of course you get dirt and dust and poverty and shopping malls and tube railway and slums and mansions. You also get more than 14 official languages (I have lost count..) and more than that if you count the dialects. You also get hinduism and christianism and muslims and jains and buddhists and jews and zoarastrians and all..

It is not expensive at all to travel here but yea you may find it expensive if you consider the travel from Spain to India. And you shld be careful not to be cheated by unscrupulous agents. Alwayts got through official Indian tourism deptts and we have youth hostels too. And come in groups to help each other... and more... :-))

Kiran said...

Hi Shantanu,
Thanks for your comments. You too has a great blog. Congrats!!
In my knowledge "Labha" is a high altitude Himalayan trek in North Sikkim beyond Yamthung (Luklakha to Lhaba peak 4400 mt. and to Lhaba valley 4270 mt.14 kms to a descending
This is "Lava" near Kalimpong

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