Saturday, April 04, 2009

A flower a Day for my Blog Friends: Day 2 of 7

For my Blog Readers--> A flower for everybody. Take your Pick from next six days if you have not taken already. If you can state the name then it is certainly yours as I do not know the name.


L said...

These are hydrangeas
Try loking up "flowers of Tamil nadu " or whatever place you took the pictures in.

ShantanuDas said...


I took these at Horseleyn Hills (whose photos I am posting later)
...thanks for the name!!


Little Girl Lost said...

hi santanu...
you commented on my post,so i thought i'd look in on you... however, locating your current blog was a bit of a treasure hunt because whichever blog of your i opened would direct me to another blog, till there was a whole chain of blogs i'd visited.
but the chase was well worth it because i got to read many of your previous posts on your old blogs, and you write really well. i loved this blog too.
if you liked my blog please do become a follower so that you can read whenever i write something new and give feedback. i'll definately be following you.
if you think chennai is hot maybe you should come to jaipur someday :)

ShantanuDas said...

Hi Little Girl~~
Thnx for your lovely comments.. if I get comments like this appreciating my writing.. it will be bad for my health.. as then I will be tempted to write again.. ~~ hmmmm...

I am following you now.. maybe you can also follow me? so you will not muss some pictures I plan to post next one year here,... sply as I am planning to see more places..

u at Jaiour now ? I hv been to Jaipur. Since I now belong to Delhi more than chennai.. i am habituated to the dry heat that side.. so Jaipur is better than Chennai where I keep sweating!! ! haha!

--Thanks for your lovely comments once again.... :-)

deepazartz said...

Firstly...Very nice name.

Lovely flowers! All the blooms for that matter...Simply Superb!!!!

And the clouds they are gorgeous...

I see that you travel a lot...Lucky you!

I DIDN'T LIKE 'I am a KILLER':( Very Cruel:([entirely my view..]

Rest, you rock!
I'll visit again too...

ShantanuDas said...

:-0)) Thanks Deepa... no no don't worry.. hehe.. I am a killer of only cockroaches... (of course I wld like to kill some men who are actually cockroaches.. but then .. sigggh..)

Thanks for visiting.. week starting tomorrow I will finish reading your old posts... and then keep myself current... somehow this Little girl has given me some good blogs to read.. so am going to go through her other friends' blogs..also.. ur was first since you got an award from her so soon.[as u said!]..

ya.i like to travel .but I am travelling more nowadays.... since South has a lot of places.. & i drive down.. .. so it is easier.. and i love to drive. also.. do please come whenver u r free.. to see the photographs.. which may help you make up your mind to visit those places (who knows??)... ..

deepazartz said...

I do love'er get much chance;but whenever possible I try to spread my wing:).Thts why I liked ur snaps so much..(& was a bit ...wee..bit...envious too!!!)

L'tl Girl has been generous on me. I was the one who was captivated by her writing:)

Do Visit my blog for there is someone else who loves travelling as much & who would love your pics as well.

Adieu, Friend!

deepazartz said...

Forgot to mention...Just for now!

ShantanuDas said...

haha! Of course just for now!.... anyway. i hv now added myself to ur followers.. so will follow..
thanks for ur kind words.!

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