Saturday, April 04, 2009

Mango Summer

What is Summer if we cannot have that Slice of the Mango with Red Chilli Powder and Salt ?
..... Eeeee... Its Sour!!!... Ahhhh Yummy!!

Dedicated this post to Creativity for her love of RAW MANGOES!

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Creativity!! said...

yeppiieeee:) I'm 1st to comment;)

superb Mango....grt naani used to prepare variety of pickles, jam kind of a thing[chilliwala as well as sweetwala] so many varieties she used to prepare:) I love it:)

Mom will prepare..but still, naani's would be tooo tasty..we all grand children used to sit as though we r doing round table conference..she used to feed us from her great tasty hands..that used to add further taste on her dishes..she used to feed us hot-hot..but it used to get warm after entering into stomach....

but now, since its fast life & if I ask mom to do the same, she shout on me..wenever naani used to feed us, our parents used to say her, dont feed them..let them eat and in future they will kill us..but she used to nod saying no, I will feed my grand children..b4 she used to eat, she would feed us and wen she has to start eating, again, we would get a chance of her feeding..2nd chance..without knowing to parents, she used to feed us for 2nd time..I really, miss her a lot:(

Creativity!! said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Creativity!! said...

wowwww:) so great..I am really excited :-o u ve made my link and said, dedicated to creativity:) Thanks a lot......loads of thanks for u:) Oh god:) I can't believe it:) Thanks.....thanks......thanks....thanks....:)
1*1000million tyms thanks:)

ShantanuDas said...

:-) u are making me smile each time... [btw i removed that post bcs it carried ur email and spiders can pick up emails for spamming]..

hmm i can now see why I feel good when i read ur posts and comments.. i was wondering what it is exactly.. Now I can see! You have been brought up extremely lovingly by a loving family.. and that is why you exude cheer and love all the time..

I know how it is to miss a loved one.... dear..

btw Naani's food will always be tastier than mother's and Mum's food will always tastier than wife's

Medieval Or Modern said...

I really enjoy the exuberance ... and innocence in that comment from Creativity.

ShantanuDas said...

Yess! Exuberance/ Innocence! you hv used the right words!! (I hv reallylost all my vocabulary.. all my school education and 2-pointer in english in ISC gone waste!!) after working office and writing IOMs!! haha..

But Creativity is really sweet!! I too feel it.. exuberant!! hmmm apt word!!

Creativity!! said...

@ Shantanu Das & Medieval/Modern :- Thanks for ur sweet comments:)

I don't care for people who say non-sense or speak rubbishly..normally, no 1 speaks to me non-sense or rubbish matters, bcoz I blast them on spot....I don't bother for such people..So always, I try to ve smiley face, eventhough my life was bitter for few years :) very short Life to enjoy and long life to cry :(....That's the reason, I live however I want :)

ShantanuDas said...

hey M&M.. do you not feel Creativity will be surprised to know whom she has made friends with (me i.e.) if only she knew me truly? ehh?
gosh -- i am pointing to her habit of blasting people! lol !!
I guess birds of a feather somehow get together before sticking together which of course depends on where the birds come from.. hmm
U r welcome Creativity.. :-) very much!

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