Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rope for Hanging Myself

For those who do not like my behaviour...(!!) .. . for them this message.. you will be happy to know~~~

I have already bought this Rope Bundle.. and will hang myself as soon I get a ceiling fan...

In case you do not know how a hanging looks like.. I got a diagram fo you can be happy imagining how I will look.. [btw this diagram thing idea came to me from one very very new blog friend Little Girl Lost, here,,..)


Anorak said...

hahahahah!!!!....I thoroughly enjoyed ur artistic acumen....keep walking!!!:)

ShantanuDas said...

Haha!! Yeah yea.. I am amazed at myself today!! haha!!..Must be something in the beer I had yesterday that in the morning I thot of this! haha!!

hey.. thnx for coming...i never knew you were visiting me.. !

still thinking !!! said...

Am serious.Try LSD

still thinking !!! said...

I have always admired your blog..
you better live

Creativity!! said...

hmmm.....Y u want to hang?? stupid idea!! But description is good!! Don't go for practical experience!!

Creativity!! said...

hmmm.....Y u want to hang?? stupid idea!! But description is good!! Don't go for practical experience!!

still thinking !!! said...

didnt get yea Mate!

'great' is not really the word i was looking for.
.obnoxious sounds better
gotta be obnoxious .
After I gave wierd ideas
on a serious note : No one’s great,accept the greatness itself

we aren’t us, just busy becoming

anyways cheers! heep up the good work

ShantanuDas said...

Still thinking!!

Obnoxious it is!! I like obnoxious as u can see from my drooling saliva..and how I like to watch myself to die... yaa.. I like anything out of the ordinary.. and your blog is one such.. I found..!! and added myself to followers...~~


I am just being creative.. You are not comng to me na!! so I thot of hanging myself.. mb then u can come and wipe the saliva with a paper napkin.. pls buy it from Big Bazar.. it will be cheaper..


[ hehe
I cldnt resist that Silly@!]

Medieval Or Modern said...

I don't trust that rope. It will just crack off with the acidity around....
And all that sarcasm.

Get a longer and better one.

And live long till then.

ShantanuDas said...

haha yea i think the rope will also give rashes to my neck.. it is very rough.. and i cannot allow tht to happen na? will not look good on my neck...

Nivedita said...

Thanx for visiting, leaving such great comments and following my blogs...I'm following yours your photography indeed :))

Yes I'm a Bangali baccha :))LOL...very much :))

cheers to the beers :))

Ps: Lost a very dear friend who hung herself
:(...this was almost a decade ago. Don't even think about it :))

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